Horrifying execution of Prince Klaas, the Ghanaian who planned to make Antigua an African state

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Comment: Re: Nope. Ashanti betrayal probably

2020-08-08 22:08:17
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Nope. Ashanti betrayal probably

Stupidity of the highest level. The bush heathen slave selling asante tribes again. Your fathers even had to go to war with the fantes just to sell slaves direct to Whiteman with no middlemen. Yaa asantewaa and your king was angry for the abolition of slavery and went to war in 1900 just to restore slavery. Learn your devilish history you bush shit eating cowards we had to teach to circumcise ... where do u thinking wanzam come from ... what is the word in ur language for it? Ewes are naturally lighter skin just like some Ethiopians and igbos of Nigeria. Black is a shade you ignorant bantu ugly pygmy asantes and akyem.

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Abongo on Aug 8, 22:08
Re: Nope. Ashanti betrayal probably
FOOLISH FOOLS on Aug 8, 16:56