Banking sector clean-up: Heritage Bank was targeted and collapsed – ASEPA claims

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Comment: Obaa yaa

For Joy nuuuusss, Rafiq Salam Waaaaaa
2020-08-25 16:19:00
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Judgement Awaits You

In fact we will even be happy if JM wins and we still don't receive our monies. At least they wouldn't be idiots like Nana Addo and his appointees who claim to be Christians and yet worse than the pharaohs. They are nothing but sawdust headed old folks in government. Hell fire awaits them all, and you can equally join them there if you so wish. It's not your fault, cos ashanti women are very cheap and harlots. Are you the obaa yaa who was giving me BJ at Mikilin hotel in kumasi last month? Your pussy was smelling, the reason I made you dress up and give me the BJ. Kwasia ba

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For Joy nuuuusss, Rafiq Salam Waaaaaa on Aug 25, 2020 16:19