Agyapa deal could’ve succeeded without ‘family & friends’ – Dr. Spio-Gabrah

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Comment: Dr you should know better than Adongo

2020-09-16 03:40:48
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Agyapa deal could’ve succeeded without ‘family

The President has a mandate to solve the country's problems. At that level he has to find people he can trust. You may be Dr Brilliant but you have no integrity. Or you have everything but President thinks that you can't be a team member. K4 embrassed and it worked magic for him like union government. He brought in Major Quashiga and agric sector was superb. He brought in a top notch international business consultant Nduom. Only for Nduom to use the opportunity to enhance his business around the world. This just a few. It shows that so long as Akyem is GHANA. It doesn't matter. What matters is what they do for the country as a whole. You can be from the same womb but with different believes ethos etc. Therefore, Dr you are narrow minded or your your mindset is polluted with tribalism in which case you can't think properly. As an academic you should have your brains in your head and not your arse. What you are saying is that the idea is great but the composition of the people is wrong. Okay bring in the mad dog Adongo, cow fucker Mahama, Asiedu Nketia for tribalism sake and what would happen is a great ideas gone down the drain. I think that is what you suggesting. Bring in the first Past Prostitute President and fuck the whole deal up. And you will be happy. Think

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Faithless on Sep 16, 2020 03:40
Dr you should know better than Adongo