Baba Rahman deserves all the support he can get - Gerald Asamoah

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Comment: Baba Rahman

Chris Kwame Awuyah
2020-11-02 16:43:07
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Baba Rahman deserves all the support he can get -

I commend Gerard Asamoah for his support of coach Akonnor's inclusion of Baba Rahman in the current senior national team.

The invitation is also underscored by the evidence of Baba's quality and form. His inclusion strengthens team spirit and solidarity as well.

Reinforcing this narrative is the critical need to insure soccer players on national assignments. While there are discussions of stipends, rarely do we hear of the crucial need to insure the players. We need to assure the players that in the event of an injury, career ending or otherwise, the players would as least have monetary support for their healthcare, rehabilitation, and the well-being of their families.

If we demand sacrifices from these young men and women, we must be willing to protect them. Baba's predicament, and there are other cases, should dispose us to make such contractual obligations once the dedicated men and women respond to national invitations.

Thank you.

Chris Kwame Awuyah

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