Dominic Ayine’s comments about Supreme Court irresponsible - Lawyer Gyan

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Comment: Ayine

2021-02-18 09:53:00
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Dominic Ayine’s comments about Supreme Court irr

Even Mahama called himself a President.I don't blame the NDC party for their lies, atrocities, murdering tendencies and other criminalities because those are the bed rocks and foundation upon which the party was built.The illiterates were the target for membership.Any educated persons in the party are just greedy and selfish entities who want wealth and fame.No right thinking literates will join the Ndc because of their holiganism.Look at how they behave and listen to how they talk.Even the so called educated ones amongst them lack argumentative
principles.The always depend on insults and threats as their defensive mechanisms.The level headed ones amongst them are always branded as traitors.I have listened to Adabuga and other members the AFRC and PNDC dispensation claiming they were decieved and coerced into the staging of the unwarranted coup d'etat by Rawlings.The length and breadth of all Ghana's word is the advent of PNDC,AFRC and their evil descendant NDC.

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Wiseman on Feb 18, 2021 09:53