LGBT+: If they won’t give us loan, we’ll eat our yam and kenkey – Sam George

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2021-02-27 11:10:21
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LGBT+: If they won’t give us loan, we’ll eat o

People are trying to justify their inhuman sexual fantasies with human rights, so where's the point or your end line for human rights, promoting or making sex through the Anu's or with animals ? because some are doing that, and it all begins with sexual fantasies in your brains, which you called orientation, which is your own desires from your own imagination and fantasies generated in your own heads, how people becomes drug addicts and alcoholics or homosexuals? then how do you justify jailing marijuana or weed smokers? Those who plant's their own weeds on their own soil and smoke it by themselves in their own homes ? or those who takes drugs in their own bodies because of their own desires and choices to do that, what's the justification for chasing and arresting and jailing those innocents one's? We make laws to prevent some human desires, behaviours, habits and feelings that can cause harm to humanity or human nature, we don't promote or propagates or encourage behaviours or habits or desires or fantasies that we all know if all human beings would accept and practice would lead to human destructions or the end of humanity, or brings incurable deceases to our people, like HIV and AIDS and other bad sicknesses, even normal sexual activities are not promoted and encourage in any culture, there are always limits how far you can expose yourselves to the public, and if you're living in the country for several years as homosexuals and still alive unhurt, why then are you pretending now like Ghanians are the most cruel to homosexuals than other parts of the world ?

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Re: LGBT+: If they won’t give us loan, we’ll eat o