Give us a break! Don’t think we’re not intelligent – LGBTQ+ proponents told

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Comment: Recall the precedence

Deep thinker
2021-02-27 16:12:26
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Give us a break! Don’t think we’re not intelli

Western togoland people demanded for independence but the state refused them...now homosexuals are demanding for independence to form a community, nana addo will u grant it to them in the name of human right? Does it mean the western togolanders don't have human right?

Homosexuals community and western togoland community, which one is more dangerous nd threatening...if they are the same then we must start arresting and prosecuting this homosexuals ASAP.

JUST as it was done to frontiers of western togoland so it must be done to the frontiers of LGBTQ...simple kraa.

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Deep thinker on Feb 27, 2021 16:12
Recall the precedence