Is this the NPP’s winning ticket for 2024 elections?

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Comment: @ATSU

2021-03-15 20:25:35
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Atsu, with Bawumiah as the Presidential candidate and Alan Kyerematten as his running mate, the eight year jinx will be broken.

The biggest mistake Nop will make is by choosing Alan Kyerematten as the Presidential candidate. Don't get me wrong, Alan Kyerematten will be a great President, the problem is that if we sideline Bawumiah and select Alan, Npp will use that as an issue of Npp being an Akan party and will not allow a Northerner as our Presidential candidate.

Dr Bawumiah has made the Northern regions now a rural bank for Ndc and if we make a mistake for choosing anybody else, Npp will lose all the gains we have gained in the North and lose massively there.

Dr Bawumiah is also very popular in Ashanti region and is more likely to defeat Alan even in Ashanti region.

With Dr Bawumiah and Alan combination, we will annihilate Ndc in 2024.

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