SEC to roll-out new guideline to regulate third party transactions

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Comment: Legacy Financial Services

Kwame, Takoradi
2021-04-08 14:59:31
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SEC to roll-out new guideline to regulate third pa

Legacy Financial Services, had their license revoked and later suspended for 6 months. The six month period of suspension has expired but they are even worse than before. They have blocked all their communication links. Many customers have not been paid even a dim of their investments. Those who have received some payment, is just less than 16% of their total investment. Now they have even resorted reducing the validated investments of some of the clients. I just can't understand why their revoked license was restored. They are not being truthful to their customers. This company can't operate. They are just struggling to pay their customers. Customers are having tough time with them. We would have wish to enjoy the Government Bailout facility. Please SEC and Registrar General Department should come in as a matter of urgency before things get out of hand.

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