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Comment: Look at him too

Father Abraham
2021-04-19 17:43:22
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Nudity: 'Slay queens' copying blindly from the Wes

Look at him too. She is a first offender. Meanwhile she posted the nude pictures on a foreign net work not a Ghanaian network. If you are a traditionalist why do you go to to a foreign network to view pictures of women. Pls let our justice system be fair to all. So if Poloo was a Ghanaian based in the US will she be tried in a Ghanaian court and jailed. Let's be careful not to carry this too far. A caution or fine should have been enough. There are people walking around who have stolen millions of Govt money. They manage to bribe their way through the justice system and get away. Poloo what major crime has she committed . Nothing to deserve a custodial sentence. This is evil. And you a Law lecturer look at the nonsense you are saying. We all learned people. I pray a higher court will throw this nosense into the bush. People were killed during the last elections and the those who committed those serious crimes are still walking around. If she was the daughter of a top politician she will be free. The judge will even if afraid to even caution her. Oh Africa we have are lost our way. We waste our time on petty crimes the big crimes of politicians we run away from it.

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Father Abraham on Apr 19, 2021 17:43