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Let us learn to forgive – Kwabeba Agyepoong

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Comment: Asante devils

2013-07-01 23:41:34
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Let us learn to forgive – Kwabeba Agyepoong

Do you Asante Akyem devils know Ghana history? All the problems Ghana is going through was created by you devils led by J.B Danquah, Busia, and Afrafa. When Ghana get independent you devils stood against any developmental project Nkrumah initiated. You devils stood against Tema motor way, Akosombo dam, Tema harbor,University of Cape Coat, Kwame Nkrumah Science and Technology. You Asante Akyem devils did anything for Nkrumah not to developed Ghana.You people criticizes Nkrumah for building independence square. Nkrumah was building Ghana National colleges you devils stood against it.When Nkrumah was building advance teacher training college you devils stood against.After you people attempted to kill him and did not work, you people sold him to CIA and they overthrew him and devil Afrafa came to power.After Afrafa killed two fante men, Arthur and Yeboah in firing squad he hand over power to BUSIA another useless Asante Akyem devil, when he came to power the first thing he did is to devalue Ghana cedis for his pay master to come to Ghana and steal our resources. Within ten month Ghana economy started going into negative. When we talk about bad management of Ghana you Asante Akyem devils should keep quit. The bomb throwers. Now you devils are trying to do the same thing. In 1957 you devils did not accept the election out comes, 1960 the same, 1992 the same, and 2012 the same. Which people are you? We are in Ghana when Kufour steal money and gave it to his son to buy hotel, did the writer forget or because he is Asante Akyem. Can you people tell the truth that during the overthrow of Nkrumah path the way for the overthrew other governments. Why you devils think that Ghana is for you.

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Kwame on Jul 1, 23:41