Mahama’s fight against corruption a sham – Akufo-Addo mocks

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Comment: Spot On!!!

Master & Commander
2016-02-29 16:28:30
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Mahama’s fight against corruption a sham – Aku

How could one expect a thief to police another thief. John Mahama and his wife Lordina, (Bono broni) are the corrupt people in Ghana. While, John Mahama is supervising unprecedented stealing of the nation resources by his appointees, his wife, Lordina is using her sham Lordina Foundation to shake down those competing form govt. contract.

She was the mastermind that pressured another ewe thief, Ms. Attivor, the former minister transportation, to dip her filthy hands into the petroleum funds to sign a dubious contract with the stinky northerner, Smartty Productions for the bus branding. Lordina did all that so she can scoup her 20% finders fee.

John Mahama so-called fight against corruption is a sham!!!

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Master & Commander on Feb 29, 2016 16:28