Nana Addo: The ‘Spy Bill’ before parliament a major threat´

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Comment: Nana talking of RTI?

Edward M.
2016-02-29 16:00:48
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Nana Addo: The ‘Spy Bill’ before parliament a

Nana you were the AG during Prez Kuffour's government yet you did not pass the RTI bill. Now you see its usefulness. If you have helped pass that bill into law we will not be seeing such filthy corruption today. Now you want to be president you are seeing it's usefulness. You are all the same. The day of reckoning is coming. God will deal with all of you NDC and NPP. Hipocrate. God punish you all greedy politians.

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Edward M. on Feb 29, 2016 16:00
Nana talking of RTI?