Bawumia is a walking contradiction - Anyidoho

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Comment: Stupid and useless anyidoho

2016-10-10 13:13:19
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Bawumia is a walking contradiction - Anyidoho

Koku, the trokosi togolese. It's you rather who doesn't read. It is very simple, google B3/B- and you will 100% agree with the learned Dr. Bawumia. B3 is the same as B-. just that B3 is used by Moody's and B- is used by Fitch and Standard and Poors. Read and learn before you open that big shit mouth of yours. Anyway, Ghana is still rated as higher risk of default. You are you corrupt and thief mahama are a disgrace and embarrassment. Kwasea kwa

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Kanawu on Oct 10, 2016 13:13
Stupid and useless anyidoho