‘Gold House’ is Mahama’s private home – NDC Organizer reveals

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Comment: Gold House

2017-01-16 22:27:23
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‘Gold House’ is Mahama’s private home – ND

The evil that men do will always live after them. What is wrong for Former President Mahama to be bold enough and be proud to say I am retiring to my own home. What is wrong with that? He has been in Politics for many years so can't he say this is my own home? Does it have to be like something is hidden under the carpet? Give me a break. When Obama announced that they have purchased their own home in Washington DC to live there until their last born enter college, was it bad? Let us bring some truthfulness in out body politics. why always politicians want to abuse the system? Are our poor civil/public servants of poor farmers retire into government houses or their own on renting? The looting is too much and must stop. The Gold House is for him, Period. Unless the nature of the house looks questionable for a president to own such a multi billion house and therefore trying to hide. May god Bless Ghana

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