‘Gold House’ is Mahama’s private home – NDC Organizer reveals

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Osei Mensah
2017-01-18 02:32:38
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‘Gold House’ is Mahama’s private home – ND

We all know that national patapaa party (npp) is not a responsible party. It is a completely a lawless party. So l was surprised when akuffo addo hypocritically said 'npp is a party of rule of law'. Is it taking over public institutions by your miscreant and hooligan party members that is the rule of law? Or destruction of public property the rule of law? Is the self-acclaimed president akuffo addo's condoning and conniving with this irresponsible and dastardly act the rule of law? Or killing people you have defeated in an election that is the rule of law? Akuffo addo and kennedy agyapong are criminals. Akuffo addo illegally brought foreign terrorists to come and trained npp foot soldiers to do what they are doing now. They thought they would lose the election and cause mayhem but those trained criminals became disappointed and frustrated when President Mahama with his spirit of humility accepted defeat and therefore decided to test the potent of their concealed mischief on innocent Ghanaians to annihilate them. Patapaa akuffo addo should know that Ghanaians have rejected him 3 times because they knew he was voilent and irresponsible man but it's just because of the economic hardship and his consistent plead to Ghanaians to consider him the chance to be president that led to his emergence. Even as it stands now l can tell you that despite Mahama's defeat, Ghanaians still have sympathy for Mahama than you akuffo addo. You are just being put on probation by Ghanaians. Therefore you should know that Ghanaians are going to vote you out to your village now that you, akuffo addo and ken agyapong have started your drug addict behaviour which was the reason why Ghanaians rejected akuffo addo 3 times. In fact it has Confirmed and vindicated Ghanaians for rejecting you 3 times. And for that matter this will reinforce Ghanaians to be resolved to reject you the 4th time to avoid patapaa(akuffo addo) at 88 in the presidency.

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nyasa bua Kwa on Jan 17, 2017 08:06
Osei Mensah on Jan 18, 2017 02:32
Re: ‘Gold House’ is Mahama’s private home – ND