Marwako saga 'like slavery' - Dr. Akwetey

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2017-03-08 08:08:42
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Re: Marwako saga 'like slavery' - Dr. Akwetey

Dr. Akwetey and others should be congratulated for articulating this issue on behalf of the complainant.
This kind of problem (Ghanaian employees being maltreated by expatriate employers) is a serious problem in Ghana where Some Lebanese, Malaysian, Indian and Chinese expatriate employers are concerned. Ghanaian employees are treated like modern slaves at their work places, and worse of all if the incident surfaces some of the Ghanaian employees who were not victims of the incident are then paid "chop money" by these same expatriate employers to sing their praise and say what the victim is saying is not true (though in a lot of these cases what is reported happened).
The other serious issue linked to such cases is that some cheap Ghanaian public officials (politicians, soldiers, policemen) are "in the pockets" of some of these expatriates through recieving "protection money" (frequent occurrence) and being called "friends", or stopping at the houses/restaurants of some of these expatriates to eat "sumptous meals" and "expensive drinks", that these Ghanaian officials will rather not use their own money to pay for.
With such cheap corrupt practices by their Ghanaian public official "friends", these offending expatriate employers get away with a lot in how they treat their Ghanaian employees because after all they have Ghanaian friends in high places to protect them.
Lastly for the information of some of these cheap corrupt Ghanaian public officials, their so called expatriate business community "friends" in private express disdain towards them. I personally have had conversations and heard these cheap Ghanaian public officials being referred to in unpalatable/unprintable terms/words by their very expatriate business "friends" and "paymasters".
The very relationship of slavery about this saga is not towards the poor Ghanaian under-paid employees who sufffer in these situations, but also the conniving cheap and corrupt Ghanaian public officials who assist the expatriate business employers to sweep such matters under the carpet.

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