Marwako saga 'like slavery' - Dr. Akwetey

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Comment: Time for them all to leave.

Charlie King Addo.
2017-03-08 09:13:18
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Marwako saga 'like slavery' - Dr. Akwetey

All the Lebanese and Syrians have overstayed their welcome.
Time for them to leave.
By proxy, they rule Africa.
They have done enough damage in Africa.
Only a selected few should be allowed to stay if they would.
House cleaning time and no stone should be left unturned.
We have learned a thing or two about marketing from them and now I believe we will do fine in that department without them. Thank you very much.
They are into diamond, gold and timber as well.
It is not beyond us to mine our own minerals and fell our own trees.
We have our own trouble makers to worry about.
Time to close the era of madness.

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Charlie King Addo. on Mar 8, 09:13
Time for them all to leave.