Prosecute appointees in murky US$4m NCA deal – Government told

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Stephen Donkor, New York.
2017-05-25 22:15:33
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Prosecute appointees in murky US$4m NCA deal – G

The greatest threat of fighting corruption in our society is the hypocrisy of some Ghanaians. I know that our current president Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo, is known by many as a man of principle; one who keeps his words, and walks the talk. Recently when some people were cited by the BNI for investigation of various issues of financial malfeasance, people started criticizing the government of a witch hunting: They branded the investigation process as selective and directed mainly against the previous NDC appointees and supporters. Others described it as ethnocentric driven vendetta: but the same people forget what happened in Ghana during the revolutionary era. The reality is that crimes and criminal minded individuals have no party colors and could be from any of the two major political aisles. So if we draw a political picture in our fight against corruption, how are we going to fight the canker, which is so prevalent in our Socio Political dispensation: and the greatest threat to our survival as a nation and a society of equal rights and freedom of Justice which was the basis of our fight against colonialism by the founding fathers of our beloved nation? Nevertheless every right minded Ghanaian citizen believes that fighting corruption is our collective responsibility and needs be tackled with a Pragmatic approach. Recently the president proposed that some of the best and effective tools for fighting corruption is to name and shame the culprits and to effectively prosecute the prospective and the would be criminals. In my opinion this might not be enough why? Most of the corrupt government officials and other people who engage in malfeasance do it as a result of societal and peer pressure; most of these people are morally weak that, they would try to appease their families and friends and therefore engage in every means possible to meet their demands to raise their status in their various communities and societies. As a result, it would be effective to shame these people in their various communities and in presence of their town folks than to totally incarcerate them to serve their full sentence. The best way to do this is for the legislature to pass a sweeping reforms of how people who are found culpable of financial malfeasance and economic sabotage against our nation should be sentenced. I am therefore suggesting that these convicts should be sentenced to serving a three-quarters of their total sentence in incarceration and the remaining one-quarter in Communal or Community Labor. The authorities must make sure that, these convicts perform the community labor in their home towns or in their neighborhood of residence; and also see to it that they dress in their prison jumpsuits to make a point of deterrence that " This Person is a Thief and a Bad Citizen and Therefore should be seen as the Bad nuts in the Society. I think considering our culture and the prestige that people want to maintain in their various communities, nobody will want to be in this dilemma. Do you think there can be any way of deterrence than this?

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Stephen Donkor, New York. on May 25, 2017 22:15