Bond saga: NDC should stop political joke – Franklin Cudjoe

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Comment: 2.5bn dollars bond

frank, Hatfield, uk
2017-06-12 10:44:35
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Bond saga: NDC should stop political joke – Fran

If the 2.5b dollar bond was done in a transparent manner,mr cudjoe should say otherwise bcos it tends to always supports the npp.This shows ndc is always not making sense which makes it impossible for the honest mr cudjoe to upport them! Mr cudjoe would always be honest so if it tends to favour the npp, this shows the npp is almost always right unlike the ndc who are always almost wrong!

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Tetteh on Jun 11, 2017 17:50
frank, Hatfield, uk on Jun 12, 2017 10:44
2.5bn dollars bond