I don’t like foolish orders from Nana Addo - Abronye DC

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Comment: Asanti, Asanti but brono votes

2017-06-16 14:53:00
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Brong ni aboa. Wuram asanteni you see?

What does this get to do with Asanti n brono? Ex president Kuffour s an Asanti his wife s brono so u mean his wife n children r all Akrasi ni? Where r u from? Ur mother a human n ur father? We know them they r animals there4 u r another animal yourself. This s 21century Asanti, Asanti urgly looking Ashantis thk God I'm not urgly like one.

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NKETIA, Afghanistan on Jun 16, 2017 14:19
Kk on Jun 16, 2017 14:53
Asanti, Asanti but brono votes
Armstrong on Jun 16, 2017 16:18