I don’t like foolish orders from Nana Addo - Abronye DC

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Comment: Abronye Dc get some Education

George Augustus
2017-06-29 23:48:18
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I don’t like foolish orders from Nana Addo - Abr

First of all whoever gave you such an assignment is a fool reckless and incompetent because there are laws in Ghana thus refers to Npp Ndc doesn't it sounds stupid for you as a reasonable being to act without any law in support of your actions? is it because your party is in Power? and when the other party comes to Power such nonsense will continue ? where is the Rule of law this nonsense must stop now people have state vehicles in their possession let the law deal with them if found guilty this is a very bad impression as a nation bypassing all the state security agencies to form a task force what kind of democracy are we practicing ? go and give those vehicles to their respective owners we have over 1 million Lawyers in Npp was that their advice ? certainly not allow the Law enforcement agencies to do their work.Long live Ghana.Now Abronye whatever let me give you a piece of advice if you don't have elders in your family now listen Nana Akuffo Addo is the President of Ghana which is bigger than the party Npp of which he is a member never in your dirty talk use the word Foolish he did not order you and your folks to go round on such illegal rampage remember the Rule of law. This is not Npp Ndc think Ghana

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George Augustus on Jun 29, 2017 23:48
Abronye Dc get some Education