'Nana Addo has turned Flagstaff House into 'hub of corruption' - Former NPP executive

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Osei Boateng
2017-08-04 06:17:16
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'Nana Addo has turned Flagstaff House into "hub of

Re: Nana Addo borrows $48M to clean Accra
If not because Ghanaians are illiterates should they allow anybody to deceive them with unrealistic promises? Because somebody want to be president so he decided to promise me Paradise and start l clapping for him? Doesn't it make such a person daft? Why don't you do critical observation and progressive analysis to know that the power to grant Paradise belongs to only God? The reality of Ghana situation is that Ghana needs a slow pace of infrastructurall development for about 10yrs and concentrate on building a strong economy to move the country forward if not Ghana will soon be a failed state. For now, Ghana doesn't need NHIS, Free Education, Single Spine salary scheme, etc. All these policy came about because of politics and "l must win election to be president so l must promise anything to fool voters " situation we find ourselves in Ghana. Ghana is never ripe for such policy. Even countries of a very strong economic base are not implementing such deadly policies let alone a fragile economy like our own. I cry for my country because it is heading towards perdition. I am very sure that the time Old crook Akuffo addo finishes his own borrowing spree Ghana debt will have exceeded trillions of dollars. And am sure papa kwasi Nduom will be warming up with another strange promise like "one house one factory" and "free university education" to fool voters. But the time he wins he will start giving excuses that he will need more time to clean NPP mess. I weep for Ghana! Docile citizens with criminal and "all die be die" politicians!

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Osei Boateng on Aug 4, 06:17
Re: 'Nana Addo has turned Flagstaff House into "hu