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Only three foreign based players should be invited to the Black Stars - George Alhassan

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Comment: please geeoge this local local must stop

2017-08-04 12:29:01
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what nonsense george alhassan. in your time how many world cups did ghana qualify for? how many teams used to have players from real madrid, chelsea and the like in your time? how many high profile and lucrative friendly games did your team play? nostalgia, nolstagia sometimes it makes you think the beautiful ones has already been born when they have not been born yet. Welcome to 2017 where you cannot beat mauritius 7-0 like back in the day. competition is not waiting for ghana so if you dont want to select your best wait and senegal and the rest will show you how.

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maubs on Aug 4, 12:29
please geeoge this local local must stop