What Oheneyere Gifty Anti wore to KABA’s funeral

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Comment: Oheneyere not a title Pleasssss!

Nana -Otumfour Kocain A-Addo III
2017-12-22 08:14:23
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Oheneyere special

People in media always want to create noise and news about themselves. There have been and still there are so many wives of chiefs in Ghana including the wife of higher chiefs or kings like Otunfor Osei Tutu of Shanti, Akwamu King, Keybi-Kibi Hene, Togbey Afede of Volta Region who are so high in stature than the subchief of Adumasa but none allude to the title of Oheneyere to their wives except media show boy Adumasa Chief and hi media show girl Gifty. Now its even an offence not to add Oheneyere as title to Gifty Anti cos she is married to a sub chief of Akwamu. In fact the Adumasa Chief swares to the Akwamu hene. And what of the higher Pesse Chief or Adjena chief, and the Gyakiti Chief?. Oheneyere is not a title please. She is not higher than the queen mother. lets stop this nonsense. In fact the wife of the chief or king is not supposed to sit in state with the wife except the queen mother. I can forsee war ahead of Adumasa hene Nana Ansah Kwao if this practice continues. Nana Gyakari and the other Ansah Kwaos did not project their wives above the queen mother.

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Nana -Otumfour Kocain A-Addo III on Dec 22, 2017 08:14
Oheneyere not a title Pleasssss!