Ask Amidu why he referred to SP Bill as unconstitutional - Nketia to Parliament

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Comment: Martin Amidu who hates pork does...

2018-01-12 13:34:31
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Martin Amidu who hates pork does not go to a pork joint to eat pork.
You see how most of us jump out from our pants before we realize that we are naked.
I wrote earlier that Martin Amidu was against the Special Prosecutor Act. Thus Martin Amidu has already lost it even before it starts.
I wrote that Martin Amidu is vindictive and I stated that since 2012 when he brought out the matter concerning Alfred Agbesi Woyome.
I wrote that Prof. Evans Atta Mills should remove him as an Attorney General and it came to pass.
Mr. Alfred Agbesi Woyome and the state case is that the state telling Woyome that because a nurse in a hospital has through omission not given injection to him, thus he is at fault.
The matter is that its the Minister of Finance who is authorized to take a contract to parliament for ratification and not a contractor who won a contract.
I stated in 2012 what is a contract and what forms it takes and still hold the conviction that Mr. Alfred Agbesi Woyome had a contract with the state, stating so from my interactions with the district, regional and national tender boards.
People must not allow their hate for others to cloud their actions and behaviour in public.

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Kwame on Jan 12, 2018 13:34
Martin Amidu who hates pork does...