Rawlings is my referee because he brought me into politics - Amidu

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Comment: Rawlings is my refree

2018-02-13 23:16:40
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Rawlings is my referee because he brought me into

Alidu is saying truth, he is not a hypocrite like those who have forgotten who have forgotten the past. With regard to corruption it's better we solve this problem peacefully (under the cover of democracy) or we risk a violent solving which me myself will not like and not interested or like it but if we call for it , we will surely meet it.
People should not only look at political appointees or party executives , this sickness is at every corner of the country, private, public and civil sectors.A two years accounts clerk has at least a property valued at what in the past his colleague could not get for his entire carrier, messengers don't forward documents unless being bribed before, standard board allows our gas stations to give us less quantity of what is paid for, government inspectors allow shoddy jobs on all contracts, etc etc.
Nobody is saved tomorrow unless we s axxve the situation now.

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Rizma on Feb 13, 2018 23:16