No awards please! – Amidu to Parliament

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Comment: Allow Amidu to come+help abolitionof cor

Senior Citizen, BS, Germany
2018-02-13 15:58:42
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No awards please! – Amidu to Parliament

I have already given comments on Mr Martin Amidu,s outwards behaviour and rejected the accusation that he would be a torn in the flesh of the NDCs who have been in loggerheads with him when he was stripped off the Attorney General and minister of Justice post by His Excellency the Late Atta Mills who passed on five years ago when he was president of the Republic of Ghana.I reiterated that,he was principled and a gentleman in his own right who detaste corruption and office mal feasance.The good NPs of the house of Parliament should vote for Mr Amidu to qualify him to come out ro help HE President Akufo Addo to abolish corruption in Ghana politics, where there would be no more crooked people clamouring to come to parliament as a means to get Rich Quick.

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