We gave ‘credible’ Martin Amidu to NPP – Amaliba

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Comment: What's Wrong with these NDC boys?

2018-02-20 10:52:09
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We gave ‘credible’ Martin Amidu to NPP – Ama

Eiii, What at all is wrong with these NDC boys? I keep repeating that the loss of the 2016 elections is driving some of these boys insane, you know!
One day you here them say they agreed to pass Amidu even before the vetting begun, only to be countered by another NDC MP that, that was not the case.
Today, we are hearing Amaliba telling us that NDC gave Amidu to NPP, forgetting that a member of the same NDC has filed a supreme court case against the nomination of Amidu.
Now, NDC, tell us what is what? as you are making yourselves to look embarrassingly foolish, confused and disunited. Is there anyone at all to treat these boys with their motor-mouth syndrome or better still their diarrhoea mouth!

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Atugabiig on Feb 20, 2018 17:43
Sulley on Feb 20, 2018 10:52
What's Wrong with these NDC boys?