They promised the moon but we are yet to see the clouds - Mahama fires NPP

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Comment: Only idiots and fools need Mahama back

Omanba Pa, Islington-London!
2018-02-25 05:40:06
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Just love Mahama intelligence

No doubt you are a thief like him but I am telling you that Mahama can never ever be a president of Ghana again till thy Kingdom come! Okay? Wo be di wo dokono kwa.

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Omanba Pa, Islington-London! on Feb 25, 2018 05:40
Only idiots and fools need Mahama back
Gyamfi, Damascus, Syria on Feb 25, 2018 06:13
Common sense on Feb 25, 2018 08:30
SPECIAL RETALIATOR on Feb 25, 2018 15:56