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Jail me! Mahama dares Nana

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Comment: Npp with tribal politics. Keep lie 2020

M. Messi
2018-03-24 22:42:09
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Jail me! Mahama dares Nana

Ghana and tribal politics, all the negative comments are coming from the so called Akans. They always think Ghana belongs to them. They did the same to Nkrumah, Helaliman, Rawlings, Mills and now Mahatma. We have not forget of the leaked tape that says Ghana's raw materials are from their land and they should lead Ghana not a northerner. Now you have it so why do you keep disturbing him. Keep him out and consertrate on your heavenly promises to Ghanaians. I pity Bawumia he should go and ask Aliu in his grave he will tell him the truth. Long live Ghana

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Pan-African on Mar 24, 2018 10:58
M. Messi on Mar 24, 2018 22:42
Npp with tribal politics. Keep lie 2020