'Circulating Mahama’s passport wrong' – Mustapha Hamid

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Comment: Read Ghnanaian people

The truth
2018-04-05 14:16:08
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'Circulating Mahama’s passport wrong' – Mustap

This is not a cancelled trip, it tells you that he has previously use a passport with the said number and has expired but he is now using a new one. Ghanaians should learn how to read, find out from the immigration and they will educate you on such number. Stop that propaganda, what Mahama has done Akuffo Addo and the Npp cannot even do half. He is not a sitting president but look he is been recognized more than Akuffo Addo and that is what the Npp people are jealous off.

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The truth on Apr 5, 14:16
Read Ghnanaian people