I will retire as a young World Champion – Isaac Dogboe

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Comment: What dues have you paid

Sammy the Sheriff
2018-05-08 05:27:28
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I will retire as a young World Champion – Isaac

Isaac Dogboe has endeared himself to Ghanaians with his sense of maturity and intelligence and should continue. He is wrong though if he think he has paid his dues to Ghana.

You have paid your dues to your bank account and not Ghana. You winning the world title has not changed anything in Ghana except your own financial situation so what dues have you paid to Ghana that you think you deserve our praises?

When I read about these sportsmen and women, especially the men saying they have paid their dues to Ghana I become a little bit annoyed when it is usually them, their families and friends who benefit from their financial gains.

The old sportsmen who sacrificed their bodies without gaining financially are the ones who have earned the rights to talk about haven paid their dues to Ghana and not you modern sportsmen who if not what sports have given you financially would have been walking in your villages as palmwine tappers.

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Sammy the Sheriff on May 8, 05:27