NDC members jubilate; but mixed reactions greet Mahama’s declaration

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Comment: NDC members bunkmate

Big jay
2018-05-21 12:53:34
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NDC members jubilate; but mixed reactions greet Ma

The NDC lackls. visionary leadership, why compare 8 years of John Mahama,, 's incompetent rule with 16 months of Nana Addo,'s rule. John Mahama is destined to lose again. His corrupt appointees are yet to be tried, and when that is done, all Ghanaians would conclude that John Mahama. Is not competent enough to hold the high office of a president in Ghana. , He became president through accident of history.Indeed, at the time of prof Mill,"s death Mahama was under investigations, and could be said to have masterminded the death of his Boss.. LHe was the most corrupt president on the African continent, and Ghana deserves a better president than this corrupt sand incompetent man

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Big jay on May 21, 2018 12:53
NDC members bunkmate