'Mahama's legacy untouchable' - Felix Kwakye Ofosu

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Comment: Re: 'Mahama's legacy untouchable' - Felix Kwakye O

2018-06-20 18:32:44
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'Mahama's legacy untouchable' - Felix Kwakye Ofosu

Look at this fool Kwakye Ofosu. If even Mahamah shit in his mouth, he will praise him for good work done. Because he introduced you guys in to corruption, stealing, Create Loot And Share And Lying You always support your dead goat president Mahamah. The only president with trademark of stealing and corruption. All Ghanaians are aware that Mahamah’s name is associated with corruption and lying. You can’t trust Mahamah with money. He is money conscious. Only fools like Kwakye Ofosu will have trust in Mahamah. Look at his class one face . Kwakye Ofosu will soon obey elders . You are going to lose your stolen properties. Stupid fool you support blindly. Fire burn you and all your family Amen

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Flint Oduro Dwamena on May 25, 2018 22:17
OBIRI. YEBOAH. LONDON on Jun 20, 2018 18:32
Re: 'Mahama's legacy untouchable' - Felix Kwakye O