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Telcos in Ghana must ask why MTN signed a deal with Anas in 2013 - Kennedy Agyapong

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Comment: Telcos in Ghana must ask why MTN signed

Kwadwo, NYC
2018-06-05 16:34:37
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Tiger Eye is a Business

so If it's a business then the main objectives of any business is to make profit right? that mean he can choose which video to show and which video not to show base on the sole objectives of making money as business, that's exactly what Ken is complaining about. if it's indeed that he signed a contract with MTN, for what? to exposed their competitors? how would you feel if someone plant a hidden camera at your home and expose it on the internet?. There is a difference between investigative journalism and private investigator. One is for profit, one is for pure journalism. Anas is been praise as an investigative journalist, that's the problem.

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Kwadwo, NYC on Jun 5, 16:34
Telcos in Ghana must ask why MTN signed