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Telcos in Ghana must ask why MTN signed a deal with Anas in 2013 - Kennedy Agyapong

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Comment: Anas is CLEAN but Agyapong is CORRUPT

Cambridge Ana-elect-trump
2018-06-06 16:55:26
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The drug dealer turned Parliamentarian Ken Agyapong is rottenly corrupt. Anas is clean, but you these corrupt lunatics are out with a smear campaign against Anas because you're running scared from his exposes on your corrupt activities. Agyapong is an evil serial liar, a crook and a demented bully like his cousin President Donald Trump. Conman Ken Agyapong steals from Ghanaian taxpayers to lavish money on his many concubines across Ghana. Corruptionhene Ken Agyapong can run, rant, lie, post fake photos, fake videos, but he can't hide. The crook Agyapong needed time to concoct his fake video, hence his statement that he'll release his video after June 6, 2018. If corrupt Ken Afyapong were not a crook and had a video in his position, why not release it now but wait till after June 6, 2018 to release such video? The conman and corrupt Agyapong is in the studio of his residence manufacturing his fake video for release. Ghanaians know Ken Agyapong, and will not be fooled by this corrupt conman Ken Agyapong.

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Cambridge Ana-elect-trump on Jun 6, 16:55
Anas is CLEAN but Agyapong is CORRUPT