#12: It’s wrong to invade someone’s privacy just because he occupies a public office – Lawyer

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Comment: Nonsense! Office not privacy

Kofi A
2018-06-13 20:44:34
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#12: It’s wrong to invade someone’s privacy ju

Mr doom lawyer, use your brains to differentiate the public from private sphere. If you take on a public position it comes with it public scrutiny and responsibilities. You can’t expect to be the caretaker of our common interest (public) and turn around to accuse us of being interested in your caretaker role. This is but simple philosophy! And it is the lack of this simple and common understanding that undermine our young democracy. People buy their way to public positions but end up treating their privileges as private.

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Another thief on Jun 13, 2018 19:49
Kofi A on Jun 13, 2018 20:44
Nonsense! Office not privacy