$13m E.O. fund claim: I’m ready for Amidu’s probe – Mahama

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Comment: Re: many fools in GH

Yaw Yeboah
2018-06-19 15:38:35
Comment to:
many fools in GH

Yes, there are too many fools in Ghana but add yourself to that list along with the mentally deranged idiot called Zagarolo. This article has nothing to do with tribe or ethnicity. If this was the case why should these citizens waste their time petitioning Amidu about allegations against Mahama?
While knowing beforehand that Amidu and Mahama are both from Northern Ghana?
Adding to this fact who recommended and appointed the Special Prosectutor? Was it not 2 Akans? The Attorney General and the President. Why don't people like you think before you post these brainless comments linking everything to a person's tribe? These individuals have petitioned the Special Prosecutor to investigate corruption allegations against Mahama. What evidence do they have to support their claims? It is evidence or lack of evidence which should determine the outcome to these allegations.

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Yaw Yeboah on Jun 19, 2018 15:38
Re: many fools in GH