$13m E.O. fund claim: I’m ready for Amidu’s probe – Mahama

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Comment: 'What a waste"

2018-06-20 01:52:32
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Re: $13m E.O. fund claim: I’m ready for Amidu’s pr

But still, you carry our "shit at night" Oh!, it looks as if u really want to go there?
"Akans" are having all these problems today because of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah for making (pepefuo) in the North part of the new Ghana. Including Volta region through a plebiscite in 1956-57.
And If u ever think "Akans" are ever afraid of any tribe or group of tribes in Ghana, go and read our history!!!! Even the British could not defeat us till one coward gave us up by showing our fighting technical. The "Akans" haven't eliminated JJ Rawlings till today because, he is married to an Akan who is soo dear to their heart And a royal.

Now listen, and listen carefully. Akans form70% of the total population of Ghana and controls 90% of Ghana's economy. We have the biggest gold, diamond, bauxite, manganese, copper and iron ore in Ghana. We are the food "basket" in Ghana. We produce cocoa, yams, plantain s, cassava, palm-oils, corn, live-stock and others.

Without "Akans", Ghana will become the biggest "Shut-hole" on the African continent,

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DS on Jun 20, 2018 01:52