It is politically suicidal for the NDC to boycott Ghana Card registration - PPP

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Comment: What is suicidal about it

Abeeku Mensah
2018-06-21 13:46:56
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It is politically suicidal for the NDC to boycott

The only thing suicidal about Ghana Card is the mass stupidity of the people who are touting Ghana card as an end-all-be-all for Ghana's voting issues, Mr. Murtala Mohammed. There is no other civilized nation with wise men and women within government that will spend $1.2 billion on national card for 26 million or 50 million people when they lac basic structures a at government offices. Remember, Mr. Murtala Mohammed, civil servants at government offices throughout Ghana can only be productive when they have computers and network systems that work and communicate with others as well as bathroom facilities that are clean and fit for human use. Ghanaians deserve better than just wasting money

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Abeeku Mensah on Jun 21, 2018 13:46