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Free SHS forever

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Comment: I love your piece Kwaku.

John Kojo
2018-08-10 20:38:25
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Free SHS forever

Bravo!!! Kwaku, what a wonderful piece. I’m 100% in agreement with you. Good job. There a bunch of losers who have no clue about education yet they wake up every morning and open their biiiiig mouths. If you study the double tracking the educators are bringing makes a lot of sense. We do not want to leave any kid behind. Every kid is entitled to enjoy the pie of Ghana’s riches not only the rich corrupt folks. I remember going to Secondary school in the Sixtees, there were a lot of smart guys, but by the time we reached form three, some of them had dropped out. Why, their parents could not afford. We were heart broken because we cared and could not afford to help. We do not want to see this happen to any innocent kid.

Someone at OTech radio station gave some statistics which blew me away. He said before the Free SHS, there were so many kids on the streets of Accra and Kumasi selling items just to feed them selfves. Some did not have place to sleep or had place to wash themselves. It was very appalling and heartbroken. The corrupt politicians didn’t care. Their children or families wer enjoying their corrupt, stolen monies with their V8s.

When these kids were interviewed, most of them claimed, their parents could not afford to buy them school uniform or pay their school fees that’s why they are out there selling stuff to make a living. Shame to Ghana. At this day in age?

Now since the Free SHS, the number has significantly reduced. That is what we need to do eradicate that number for good.

Some people are saying the Free SHS is a failure, the government is confused, others are saying sexual activities will increase during the new tracking system and all that crap. These are all a bunch of losers.

When we were in Secondary school in the Sixties and the seventies, there were no condoms, family plan was not popular yet we enjoyed sex with our partners in a very precarious manner. We loved our girls and never wanted to get them pregnant. I admit there were a few pockets, but life was extremely beautiful. I met my girl friend who was 14 years old in Form two while I was 17 years I for four. We enjoyed life to the fullest. Today, we have been married for Almost fifty years with three children and four grandchildren. Today life is going strong by God’s grace.

People need to stop all the nonsense and crap that they are saying.
Mr minister of education, Mathew Prempeh you’re doing a heck of a job. Do not let the losers like Asiedu Nketia and those nkwaseafor get your blood pressure going.

The Free SHS is here to stay. Well done Nana Addo. We wished you had been President earlier than the Useless Mahama. All the the corrupt money could have started the Free SHS earlier.

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