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Busia would have been proud of Free SHS Policy - Bawumia

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Comment: Re: Busia would have been proud of Free SHS Policy

Col. Q
2018-09-10 13:52:15
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Busia would have been proud of Free SHS Policy - B

Foolish! Very stupid comment! It was Busia who reversed a lot of the free education policies of Kwame Nkrumah's CPP! Who reversed the free University policy and replaced it with Loan/Fee University education ? -BUSIA! That whole free textsbooks and tuition policy was initiated and put through by CPP govt all these being opposed by the then Busia's UP cum PP govt! You Bawumia should even know better, since your family at that time was CPP and you enjoyed the fruits of the free education policies of CPP! You are still too young to know that , when the free education und CPP started , the parents of the children (expecially in the Ashanti and B/A regions)who refused to send their children to and rather send them to work on their farms, were chased and arrested ( This is one of the causes or reasons why the CPP did not bloosom like the UP in the Ashanti Region matemeho)! What NPP is now doing , is only a resurrection of a small part of CPP free education programme which the UP(grandfathers of NPP) vehemently opposed and sort to wipe out completely in Ghana. As part of the CPP free education programme and policy, avenues were created for the numerous school leavers - Worker's Brigade, state farms and the numerous factories built all over the place to absorb all these literate workforce. PP (Father of NPP) destroyed all these with the help of CIA - financed Busia govt! The tradition of Busia/Danquah policy , is to promote elitists ideology (I take Dombo out, because he leaned more to uplift the living and political conditions of his people). Free education has not up till now been on the agenda of Busia/Danquah party ! Nana Addo just waded into this policy as a counter policy to Mahama's school buildings policy! That is why the free SHS policy is in chaos! If anything at all BUSIA WOULD HAVE PREFERED THE "OFORI ATTA'S IDEA OF LETTING THOSE WHO EASILY AFFORD PAYING FOR THEIR CHILDREN FEES TO CONTINUE TO PAY, AND RATHER CONCENTRATE ON THOSE WHO CAN'T AFFORD TO PAY FOR FEES! BUSIA WOULD HAVE ACCEPTED THIS MODUS! Bawumia has goofed bigtime, Busia would be proud of different achievements, but of THIS FREE SHS , DEFINITELY NOT!!!

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Col. Q on Sep 10, 2018 13:52
Re: Busia would have been proud of Free SHS Policy