Mahama sacked me as Security Adviser because I speak the truth - Nunoo Mensah

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Comment: Oh NO, you were old and done!

2018-09-11 05:30:15
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Mahama sacked me as Security Adviser because I spe

Please don’t lie. Prof Mills appointed you as advisor when you were already past 70! Mahama didn’t sack you, he allowed you to complete your term of appoint on Jan 6, 2013, when he was sworn in for President with a new mandate. Under Mahama, you had no appointment, you cleverly re-labeled yourself as “Presidential Advisor on Human Security” with no appointment letter and no office at Flagstaff House. Rather you remained at the old castle, simply not needed, already going senile, but Mahama was too polite to send you home; and you were e too foolish to retire honorably.
A new national security was appointed in 2014, the former interior minister, very competent and experienced ex-police Officer, very senior (NOT BABA KAMARA).

It was when he who was replaced by Kamara. So, old man, get your facts straight: Mahama never appointed you, and he never fired you! Your term ended, you’re too old, and you’ve retired several times after serving both NPP AND NDC!

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Oh NO, you were old and done!