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AshGold boss wants to buy back Lamborghini he lost in betting war

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Comment: Food for thought

Let’s rise!
2018-09-11 10:44:42
Comment to:
This man is a crook and very stingy.

Salaries are not meant to be increased every now and then. Ask those workers as to whether they have increased productivity deserving of pay increase.
We need men like him to promote our local league. You have betway sponsoring local clubs; ask yourself what’s the purpose of their existence as a businesss.
The white man has convinced you to watch EPL and La Liga over your local league. Some spend more hours on radio talking about how Mourinho ought to handle Man U, that you know he can’t even here what u are saying. U spend less time talking about your league. Business itself is betting: I got a product, if you are able to gv me a certain amount of money, I will give it to you. What do you think is that? When a whiteman does this, He is considered bold, brave and honest; when a black man does it, he is a fucked up religious person. Bro let’s all support our own and the white man will start to respect us.This is what Bob Marley said” Emancipate yourself from mental slavery”. The Lord Of Host shd grant us understanding! Good luck.

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Let’s rise! on Sep 11, 2018 10:44
Food for thought