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New EC Chair begs NDC

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Comment: EC out the door on wrong footing. C'mmon

2018-09-12 13:49:49
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New EC Chair begs NDC

This if true is a disaster akin to Charlotte Osei's machinations. How on earth could you as an EC convene a meeting that involve 3rd parties in such a short notice. Did you really sit down with the other commissioners before you made this decision. Why this stupidity? Where did you guys go to school? I think the word is Independent. They hear the word Independent EC and that means do what you want? None sense . Too many stupidity in higher places. Nana tap more into people in the diaspora, especially the U.S , they higher work ethics and not corrupt.

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Pompei. on Sep 12, 2018 13:49
EC out the door on wrong footing. C'mmon