Who killed the judges?: Look yourself in the mirror and stop ‘ranting’ – Baako to Rawlings

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Comment: Becareful with JJ...

2018-10-13 23:59:32
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Re: Who killed the judges?: Look yourself in the m

Nana Addo better concentrates on how to develop this country and find jobs for the teaming youth... This dead issue from the days of the Revolution should not recalled.. You must understand that JJ has a lot of pple supporting him, who are more aggressive and powerful than the ordinary citizen and our current useless and protocol-list security personnel..

People are also hungry and angry... and the least mistake this government makes with this issue, there will be unrest..tribal, and political conflicts that will be very difficult to resolve..
Unfortunately, Kweku Baako is becoming too stupid of late... You may have personal hatred for him, but look at the country at large... Reason....

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Jay on Oct 13, 2018 23:59
Becareful with JJ...