NDC lies against Akufo-Addo backfires

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Comment: Re: NDC lies against Akufo-Addo backfires

2018-12-06 13:15:52
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Re: NDC lies against Akufo-Addo backfires

I wish Ghanaians will understand this your statement. 27years this party as held us back, Ghana is a disgrace to west Africa. The first to gain independence and till this we have nothing worth to show, even Kenya and Rwanda are moving forward. Yet we have some political fools who simply dont want to see us progress. Now I think Ndc maybe a curse on Ghana, something we can't seem to get rid off. We need serious deliverance as a nation. And no I don't support Akuffo Addo, I believe we is a self serving man who is seeking to restore the name of his family through Ghana presidency. I wish we had loyal, wise, and strong people in Ghana who are willing to push us forward as a nation. Even nkrumah lost his love for Ghana and loyalty to his nation after sometime and started seeking to make name for himself through other African countries. If you can't believe in a political party don't go and vote for any just cos it your right, if you know your party candidate isn't right for Ghana dont vote him just because he's your party, there should be more in us as a nation than politics. We have allowed these political parties to control us when it should have been we controlling them. Think up and let's make Ghana a home to want to stay in.

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Ghanaba on Dec 6, 13:15
Re: NDC lies against Akufo-Addo backfires