General News Mon, 1 Apr 2019

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New voters register will deepen suspicions – Gyampo to EC

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Comment: voters id ch

Jack Daniels
2019-04-01 04:34:55
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Attention Deficit Syndrome

Kudos Sakabo,no wonder foreigners are busy buying Ghana birth certificate as cheap as 100 GHS.this good for nothing falsehood prof gyampo behaves as if he has problems with his brain,Ghana has porous boarders and the kind of social interventions we are trying to put in place for Ghanaians have made it the hot cake for our neighbouring countries to take advantage of it so we need every six months serious cleaning on our voters id and birth certificate,we need collaboration with the German government to show us how they have succeeded in curing such a mischief because they share land borders with 9 countries.that's why a Queen from central region was mad at how Ghanaians have placed their trust in those fake PhD's who are now pretending they are more intelligent then any human being.

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Jack Daniels on Apr 1, 04:34