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Asamoah Gyan feels betrayed by Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah

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2019-05-21 04:49:38
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Black Stars Coach

It is difficult to accept a betrayal from someone you trust but the case between Asamoah Guan and Coach Kwesi Appiah is a father and son one and should be viewed as a such .
I am all for the inclusion of Gyan in our team no matter his level of fitness. Fact is, some players are included in a team just to help maintain team spirit and Gyan is one of such. He has been in the team and contributing to the team's growth consistently,so to have him out if the team will affect team spirit.
I agree that no player can be bigger than the coach of a team but certain players are always treated quite differently from others. Talk of the Ronaldos, Messis, Etos, etc. This doesn't mean they are more important than all the players put together. It is a sign of respect and recognition to their contribution to the team over time.
So I think the President of the Republic should come in and get Asamoah rescind his decision to resign from the team. We need him and must not allow loud mouthed individuals to dictate the cause of events in the coming days.
Mr President act now!!!!!!

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ISSAH MOHAMED IKILIL SALGA on May 21, 2019 04:49
Re: Black Stars Coach